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Welcome to Unit 8


I am so excited for you to take on this Bonus Unit (or Unit 8): Boost Your Business!

This is a brand new unit that my team and I spent a lot of time brainstorming on because we wanted to give you something that will forward your online presence- which is useful no matter what your product or business is.

So we wanted to give you the tools and space for you to create something new that boosts (or kicks off) your business by building your list.

Building your list is hugely important, because the more people you have access to, the more people you will have the opportunity to share everything you have to offer!

One of the greatest ways you can build your list is by giving away free material- the only thing that is required from those that want to access that free material is their email address!

So I recruited 2 members of my team, Brittany and Aja, to help me explain how we create opt ins and how we give away free material to grow our audience and capture leads.

Brittany and Aja are the ones that help make my visions a reality when it comes to giving away free materials and opt ins!




It's easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis trying to perfect your product or pitch or course or service. Sometimes you have to take a leap to get some traction.

The exercises and information in this unit are designed to help you create an incredible path for people to fall in love with and opt in to your list, and potentially become future clients.

I wanted to include this unit in SOGA because we've been cultivating good habits, awareness, communication, and actionability, and now it's time to put all of these new or renewed skills to use in a big way.

While you're working through the assignments this week, remember everything you've learned about yourself and what you want to bring to the world. How can you bring that to the world around you?

Finish strong! What kind of forward momentum can you create in the next week?


In this unit we will cover:

  • Picking Your Topic

  • Writing Your Content

  • Creating Your Opt In

  • Capturing Leads

  • Utilizing Quizzes