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Welcome to Unit 6



The most powerful tool you will ever have is yourself. Your body, your mind, and your health are what carry you through every day and every experience. 

Take this week seriously and keep your eyes and hearts open to anything that may help you improve in body, mind, and spirit. 

I want you to find an wellness buddy for this week. Whether that person is in your core group or someone you've never connected with, I want you to commit to staying accountable to and with one person in SOGA for the goals you set for this week. 

Check in at least once per day (bonus points if you check in in the morning AND evening) about what your goals are/were and what you accomplished or didn't. This doesn't need to be a long checkin- it can even just be a text. 

Restart your morning routine if you haven't been keeping up with it. 

I want you to focus on challenging yourself this week- no matter what your physical health is now. Do something different. 

Need a worksheet?


In this lesson we will cover:

  • Fitness Challenge

  • Nutrition Challenge

  • Meditation Challenge