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Welcome to Unit 4


This week is going to take a lot of mental focus. 

Productivity in today’s world of constant distractions is the hardest it’s ever been. But it’s possible and essential to master if you’re going to create great things. 

This unit is a chance for you to overhaul your relationship with time and organization. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. It will get easier. 

First, we’re going to take a look at how you manage your time every day (including your relationship with your calendar). Take note of what’s working and where your breakdowns are. 

Then, we’ll tackle a big overwhelm-generator: your email inbox. Getting on top of your inbox will not only feel awesome, it will also serve you long-term if you can set up new habits for how you manage your inbox on a daily basis. 

Last, we’ll cover some of my favorite productivity tools that have been game changers for my team and how we work. 

Stick with this week and go all in, even if you feel overwhelmed. 

In this lesson we will cover:

  • Calendar and Time Management

  • Email Management

  • Resources

  • Homework Submissions