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Welcome to Unit 2


You made it! How are you feeling? I loved hearing feedback and seeing progress throughout the week. 

Now that you’ve set yourself up with good, accessible, useful habits and routines for YOU, I want to dive into vision clarifying. 

Clarifying your vision is such a huge component of furthering your success because knowing what you want is half the battle. It’s easy for people to say that they want money, or acclaim, or a job that they love. What’s not easy is figuring out what that means and how to get it. 

The next few exercises are for you to explore your desires at their greatest depths. To go so deep that your vision slaps you in the face and you know exactly what you’re put here to accomplish. 

There are exercises here that you may have done before (and even with me). I urge you to do them again. Refine, retune, rethink. 

Reset your definitions. Get up close and personal with your vision again. Even if you just did this exercise a month ago, there could be a change in your vision that you weren’t aware of. 

There are worksheets on this week’s Resources Page to help you organize your thoughts! 


In this unit we will cover

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Your Perfect Day

  • Personal Principles Declaration