EP. 9 | Mycal Anders & Daniel Robertson - Success at Success Podcast

Success at Success Podcast featuring

Mycal Anders & Daniel Robertson

with your hosts Kyle Mauch & Kevin Donahue

This is one of our favorite and most raw episodes to date. With Spring Training in full swing, Kyle has two Arizona Diamondback's players living in his house in Scottsdale, AZ, which means the podcast studio is out of commission for the month with one of the guys living in it. The audio isn't quite up to par, and you'll hear lawn mowers, blenders, cars, the sink, and more in the background... however the content that comes from this casual conversation with a Major League Baseball player and the owner of the nations #1 CrossFit gym, is invaluable. One of our most in depth conversations, and a true fly on the wall of a private conversation feel. I hope you enjoy this is as much as we did listening back to it!

Today's Guests

Mycal Anders (Owner of CrossFit PHX #1 CrossFit Gym in America)

BIO: Fitness is Mycal's platform for life changes, and has helped thousands of people over the past 16 years to not only accomplish physical and aesthetic goals, but also to overcome life challenges and change their own circumstances.

Mycal is a USA Military Veteran, and now owner of the #1 CrossFit gym in America, CrossFit PHX. His story from sleeping on a blowup mattress, to the top of the CrossFit industry transcends industries to connect with every single one of us in entrepreneurship and/or sports.

Daniel Robertson (Professional Baseball Player)

BIO: Daniel Robertson is a Major League Baseball player with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and previously the Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and the San Diego Padres. Out of Oregon State University, Daniel brings an entrepreneurship mind to sports, and brings a great take on business and sports to the conversation.

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