EP. 8 | Mike Brown & Ben Kenyon - Success at Success Podcast

Success at Success Podcast featuring

Mike T. Brown & Ben Kenyon

with your host Kyle Mauch

Two dudes I met through mutual connections that became fast friends and I had to introduce to each other. Kicking off Season 2 of Success at Success with a bang on an episode talking about building a team, and how to take advantage of being an athlete in business. When conversation is going good sometimes I forget people are listening, and this was one of those times. Would love to hear your feedback!

Today's Guests

Ben Kenyon (Performance Coach for Portland Trail Blazers)

BIO: Ben Kenyon is a former college basketball player turned NBA Performance Coach for the Portland Trail Blazers. BK is one of the most driven people that I know. When he's not training some of the worlds greatest athletes, Ben is working on his podcast, The Younique Piece, where he helps create a community where stories can be shared and encouragement can be offered; "and, just like I push my guys on and off court, I’m here to push you to STEP OUT, GET UNCOMFORTABLE, and EMBRACE YOUR YOUNIQUE PIECE."

Mike T. Brown (Former NFL Player Turned Entrepreneur)

BIO: Mike Brown is a former NFL player now in Silicon Valley tackling tech via his startup Win-Win.  Since hanging up the cleats, Mike became a self-taught coder/designer, worked a top startup in Silicon Valley, has earned several accolades in the tech industry, and is now running Win-Win for which he's managed to raise $1M+ from top investors, so far.

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