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Success at Success Podcast featuring

Leon Logothetis & Joe Anglim

with your hosts, Kyle & Trevor Mauch

After browsing Netflix, I (Kyle) ran across a documentary-series called "The Kindness Diaries" and binged the whole series in a week. Immediately I felt the need to connect with Leon Logothetis, the host of the show. Just weeks later, we recorded this podcast that quickly turned into one of my personal favorites from a listener point of view and can't wait for you to listen and share your thoughts. All of us involved on the call including my buddy Joe Anglim (TV show Survivor fame), discovered that we've all hit a similar point in life where change became necessary, and it was change for the better... and change that was ultimately about others.

Today's Guests

Leon Logothetis (Host of The Kindness Diaries)

BIO: Leon is one of the most inspirational stories and people that I've come across in a long time. He's an adventurer, motivational speaker, philanthropist and king of extreme budget travel. That's not what he's always been though. He used to be a broker in London before he gave it all up for a life on the road. Leon is living proof that anything is possible through kindness and human connection.

He’s crossed 90 countries and every continent. He’s the host of the TV series Amazing Adventures Of A Nobody on National Geographic, the hit Netflix Documentary (that everyone needs to go watch right now) "The Kindness Diaries", he’s an authorand much more…

When you finish this podcast, go watch The Kindness Diaries on Netflix!


Joe Anglim (Formerly on the TV Show Survivor and Artist)

BIO: Joe Anglim is best known for his role on the hit show Survivor(which AJ Vaynerchuk admitted is his guilty pleasure on our last episode). Joe is also co-host of his upcoming show Manawhich takes him around the world inspiring others. Joe’s also a jewelry maker, artist, craftsman, and as I’ve come to get to know him over the last year I’ve learned he too has a knack for world travel on a budget where it seems he’s always on the go and trading art or construction for a roof over his head in some amazing places for amazing experiences.

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