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Kyle Mauch & Trevor Mauch

Half Episode on Managing the Holidays as a High Achiever...

Success at Success Half Episodes are 1 on 1 Chats with Kyle Mauch and Trevor Mauch. This week we chat about Kyle's time at NextCon16 with Guy Kawasaki and Steve Wozniak, Trevor's management retreat strategy, effects of smiling and too much time looking at a screen, organizing work and personal life, employee management and how to manage life through the holidays as a high achiever.

Keep in mind that we may be talking about our businesses, but all of this can be applied to being an athlete or anything else as well. Think about our talking points as if we're talking about your career field and see how you can apply key points to your own life.

"It's really hard to lead other people if you can't figure your own shit out first." - Trevor Mauch

Notes from the Episode

*Conference Kyle attended: NextCon16

**Speaker at conference who talked about Buyers Defense: Mike Michalowicz

Intro -Overview - For high achievers.1 min 24 sec- Trevor's Week in Review (Systemizing, Hiring New People, Hired a Leadership Coach)2 min 18 sec- Kyle's Week in Review (NextCon16)2 min 50 sec- Buyers Defense | (Mike Michalowicz) *Kyle's key takeaway from NextCon16.5 min- Happiness | Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple (Invented the Remote Control, H=S-F)8 min 50 sec- Cell Phone Strain | (20-20-20 Rule to Avoid It) *Every 20 minutes staring at a screen, look at an object 20 feet away, for 20 seconds, to reset the eyes and avoid eye strain.10 min 27 sec- Creating a Clear Plan for Next Year *Actionable Exercise| Trevor talks about his company management retreat to review and celebrate the past year. He lays out his key goals and strategies behind this retreat including the 10x exercise to plan ahead (What would our business look like if we had 10x more employees or customers?)22 min 23 sec- Planning for the Holidays as an Entrepreneur/Athlete: Happiness > Work | "How did you manage holidays/family over work when you first started your company vs now? Would you go back and change anything?"Next Week:Networking - The most requested topic from our listeners we will finally dive into.

"H=S-F. Happiness equals smiles minus frowns." - Steve Wozniak

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This podcast was inspired by Lewis Howes School of Greatness, Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering, The Gary V Show by Gary Vaynerchuk, the Joe Rogan Experience, and The Tim Ferriss Experiment.

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