EP. 5.5 | Being a Leader During Adversity

Success at Success Podcast featuring

Kyle Mauch & Trevor Mauch

Half Episode on Being a Leader During Adversity (2016 Election Results Edition)...

1 on 1 Chat with Kyle and Trevor. With the protests and riots happening post 2016 USA Presidential Election, we felt obligated to chat about where the mindset of American's seems to be going wrong and how to truly create change. This is NOT A POLITICAL PODCAST and we do not take any sides in this chat. This is about the mindset issues of rioters and how business people and fellow American's can create change by being leaders and how to go about doing that.

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This podcast was inspired by Lewis Howes School of Greatness, Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering, The Gary V Show by Gary Vaynerchuk, the Joe Rogan Experience, and The Tim Ferriss Experiment.

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