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Kyle Mauch & Trevor Mauch

Intro Episode on Why We're Podcasting...

Here's our why... Why we're doing this podcast. In this episode, we wanted to share a really brief look into our backgrounds and share why we're so passionate about doing this podcast thing.

Brief Overview

Trevor went from paying his taxes on credit cards and digging out of debt, to a world renowned SEO expert, building an inc. 500/5000 company that he later sold, and built another biz that's bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month now. Trevor speaks around the country, has his own college scholarship for students, and is happily married and a proud dad to his 3 kids in Roseburg, Oregon. Trevor is living a life of purpose by changing lives through inspiration and improving his community with insane efforts to grow entrepreneurship in Roseburg.

Kyle battled a back injury for 11 years while chasing his baseball dream, before leaving baseball just 3 weeks after becoming a professional to chase his new passion of entrepreneurship. He went from a small town in Southern Oregon, to starring in a Super Bowl commercial, TV Shows, and becoming well connected with the top athletes in the world. Kyle's the CEO and Founder of Athletes Brand, an off field fashion brand for athletes. He's also a philanthropist, leads one of the nations top sports networking events, and heads the top athlete mastermind group in the country.

Two brothers who started from a small Oregon farm town. One moved North, while the other moved South. One in his 30's with a wife and kids in a small town, and the other in his 20's as a bachelor in the big city. One in tech, the other in sports. They took two very different routes from the same beginnings, and both found their way to self made success in opposite industries.

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Links from the Podcast

Photo Editing Website: PicMonkey.comT-Shirt Selling Website: Skreened.com Kyle's Links: KyleMauch.com, AthletesBrand.com, @KyleMauch on every Social PlatformTrevor's Links: TrevorMauch.com, OnCarrot.com.

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