EP. #3 | Paul Konerko & Kyle Park - Success at Success Podcast

Success at Success Podcast featuring

Paul Konerko & Kyle Park

with your hosts, Kyle Mauch & Trevor Mauch

Everyone has their own definition of success, but mine is this… Finding your passion is the journey to your purpose which is the destination. You can’t have your true purpose without first discovering your passion and figuring out how your passion is meant to be used. Your passion is the journey, the destination is your purpose.

Welcome to the Success at Success Podcast. I'm your host Kyle Mauch here with the big bro and co-host, Trevor Mauch. I’ve been excited for todays chat for awhile and you guys are in for a treat. We’re bringing together country music and baseball with Texas country artist Kyle Park, and World Series Champ, Paul Konerko.

For the listeners, keep in mind there's 4 of us on the call and from 4 different parts of the country.

Today's Guests

Paul Konerko (Former Baseball Player)

BIO: Paul Konerko is a Chicago White Sox GREAT. He’s a 6 time all star, 2005 World Series champ, he had a 17 year MLB career ending with a bronze statue of him at US Cellular Field in Chicago and a retired Chicago White Sox number of 14, but might be even more remembered for either his World Series grand slam or getting hammered by a fastball in the face and shaking it off to stay in the game. Paul’s far from done finding the next levels of success too as he’s gotten into entrepreneurship since he retired from baseball by opening up his own franchise of a fitness gym called Fitwall with his wife Jennifer in Scottsdale, Arizona. He's also dove into philanthropy heavily doing work recently for Star Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder.

Kyle Park (Texas Country Music Artist)

BIO: Somewhere on the shores of Lake Travis, just outside of Austin, there’s a house with a blue tile roof. Truth be told, there may be more than one place that fits that description. If you had hiked up to this one particular place during one particular stretch of days last year, you’d know you were exactly where you were supposed to be. You could tell by the music. Somewhere inside, Kyle Park and his studio band were rattling the walls with one hard-hitting, crank-it-up song after another. Those who had followed Park these past 10 years or so would recognize his sound -- raw, heartfelt and rooted in the honest-to-God, real country music. But they’d also notice something different -- a tougher edge, a beat that slammed a little harder, guitars that slashed and sliced with a more aggressive attitude. Yes, this was Kyle Park. No doubt about it.

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