EP. #2 | Ashton Eaton & Lewis Howes - Success at Success Podcast

Success at Success Podcast featuring

Ashton Eaton & Lewis Howes

with your hosts, Kyle Mauch & Trevor Mauch

Entrepreneur, Jim Rohn once said that,

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

and I know we've all heard that quote before. So surround yourself with greatness, learn from those that have found success, and become who or what you want to be. By listening to today's episode, you're doing just that. Welcome to the Success... at Success Podcast. I'm your host Kyle Mauch, here with my co-host, and older brother, wiser and possibly better looking, Trevor Mauch. So for the listeners, there's 4 of us on the call and from 4 different parts of the country, so get to know our voices if you can, if you can't, well you've got a little under an hour hour to figure it out.

Today's Guests

Ashton Eaton

(Olympic Gold Medalist)

BIO: For everyone listening if you don't know who Ashton Eaton is let me give you the run down. Ashton was the 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Decathlon which is also considered to come with the title of the worlds greatest athlete, two time Jesse Owens Athlete of the Year Winner, he's graced the cover of a Wheaties box which is every athletes dream, World Decathlon and Indoor Heptathlon record holder, he's one of the faces of Nike and has stood atop the podium at every level that he's competed in and is now gearing up for the 2016 Olympic Games in RIO to defend his title as the worlds greatest athlete. But more importantly, he's a fellow Oregonian from the city of Bend. Ashton you were born in Portland, Oregon. Raised in Bend, Oregon. Attended the University of Oregon, Go Ducks. All in the backyard of the biggest athletic brand in the world, who you're now sponsored by Nike which is from Oregon. And currently still live in Oregon. You've lived the Oregon athletes dream man. Is that all coincidence, or was there something that made you want to keep everything home?

*Photo by: Terry Manier - www.terrymanier.com

Lewis Howes

(Lifestyle Entrepreneur)

BIO: For those who don't know who Lewis Howes is, he's a former arena football player, all american and record holding athlete, New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker and Advisor... Details Magazine hailed him as one of “5 Internet Gurus Who Can Make You Rich”, and host of the #1 Self-Help Podcast on iTunes, The School of Greatness, which shares inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world class athletes and influential celebrities on the planet; to help you find out what makes great people great. Lewis is currently chasing his own Olympic dreams as well in Team Handball, Lewis, where does that fire come from that drives you to be great in whatever you put your mind to?

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