EP. 13 | Trevor Bauer and Dr. Layne Norton - Success at Success Podcast

Success at Success Podcast featuring

Trevor Bauer and Dr. Layne Norton

with your hosts Kyle Mauch & Kevin Donahue

Episode #013, is a two part, 2 hour long, podcast we split into 2 episodes, hosted by Kyle Mauch and Kevin Donahue, with special guests Trevor Bauer and Dr. Layne Norton. This is Part 2 of 2.

*Audio issues because of the Skype connections, so please just power through them.

This episode is a content overload for those trying to reach peak performance and be the best you possible. With two people who take no BS, and challenge the norm based off of data and facts only, this is one of the most powerful podcasts around for high performers.

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Today’s Guests

Trevor Bauer (MLB Player)

BIO: Trevor Bauer is a pro baseball player for the Cleveland Indians and Mechanical Engineer Major from UCLA. Along with the award for best college baseball player, Bauer got drafted in 1st round of the 2011 MLB draft. Bauer has solidified himself as more than just a baseball player. In fact, his off field achievements are almost as popular as his on field achievements as he’s a student of the workings of the human body, drone expert, and self proclaimed “nerd”. TB is one of the good guys.

Dr. Layne Norton (Power Lifter & Health and Nutrition Expert)

BIO: Layne Norton aka (biolayne) is an entrepreneur, physique coach, bodybuilder, and powerlifter from Tampa, Florida. He holds the world record for squat in the IPF 93 kg weight class.

Alongside his success as a competitor, Layne is also an esteemed scientist and doctor; having a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science.

Layne’s fitness journey began in high school, when he started lifting weights to gain muscle and improve his self-esteem. By the age of 19, he completely ‘fell in love’ with the activity. And as a result – started competing in bodybuilding shows.

He’s since won 7 bodybuilding, and 6 powerlifting titles. Along with his success in the online world; where he’s gained a huge following, and created a popular supplement line and coaching businesses.

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