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Success at Success Podcast featuring

Anthony Mink of Live Bearded

with your hosts Kyle Mauch & Kevin Donahue

Episode #011 hosted by Kyle Mauch and Kevin Donahue, with special guest Anthony Mink, Co-Founder of Live Bearded.

Anthony grew up in small town Sweet Home, Oregon before starting a global community of beard loving men through his company Live Bearded. On this episode we talk about how to build a community for your brand and the importance of staying true to yourself and your own passions.

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Today's Guests

Anthony Mink (Co-Founder of Live Bearded)

BIO:Anthony grew up in the Pacific Northwest, hunting and fishing as a way of life. As a long time "beardsman", Anthony has always had a desire to live life on his own terms. To not be confined by the system, or anyone in it so in 2011 he quit his job and started his own company so he could fulfill his dream of being his own boss, answering to no one, and traveling the world.

Since, Anthony has built and sold 3 successful online companies and has traveled to 38 countries. With a deep passion for business, beards and brotherhood, LiveBearded.com is more than just a beard grooming company for Anthony, it’s a passion project and a way of life.

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