EP. #1 | Kody Kellom & Brian Call - Success at Success Podcast

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Success at Success Podcast featuring

Kody Kellom & Brian Call

with your hosts, Kyle Mauch & Trevor Mauch

Sometimes the best things are unexpected. Our first episode of Success at Success was setup in less than 48 hours with no prior planning. Trevor has known Kody Kellom for awhile, but Kyle and Brian hopped on the call pretty darn blind. To sum it up... this is as raw and real as a podcast call can possibly get and we couldn't be more thankful for Brian and Kody hopping on and chatting with us. Oh, and teaching us how to even do a podcast! Having two of the best in outdoor podcasts on to show us the way, was huge and it brought a killer opening to the Success at Success Podcast.

Today's Guests

Kody Kellom 

(Full Draw Film Tour)

BIO: Desire, devotion, and passion would best describe Kody and the way he lives his life. Bow hunting is more than the pursuit of the big game it is about bonding with your friends and family. It’s learning to appreciate the blessings life has given you. He is so fortunate to have parents who taught him love and respect for the sport that he takes with him every time he puts his feet down on that dirt road. Kody is so grateful for the support of his wife, who knows that sometimes there is nothing better then packin’ out that big bull. Kody believes that hard work and determination lead to success in life and in the field. The pursuit of his passion has taught him that success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.

Brian Call

(Gritty Bowmen Podcast)

BIO: Brian grew up in the forests of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. He formed GrittyBowmen.com as a vehicle to share his love of hunting and of wild places. Brian wants to help unite hunters and non-hunters alike so that they might preserve the animals they love and a way of life that they cherish. From there, he started a podcast that now sits in the Top 20 of Outdoor Podcasts on iTunes called the Gritty Bowmen where he chats with hunters and outdoorsmen from around the country.

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