5 Steps to Stand for Something - (and Why I Want to Put Myself Out of Business)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

To stand for something means to have certainty in why you are doing what you do.

It's something that you believe in.

You're knowledgable in.

You have skill, education, and passion for.

To stand for something is what represents you, just as much as you represent it.

To stand for something is what some may call their "why," or their "purpose."

A simple tweak in communication could be all that you need to find that fulfillment that you've been seeking when wondering, "what is my purpose? What is my why? How am I of value?"

I make a living by utilizing my uniqueness. My ability to find the story and the value to others within. I have clarity in what I stand for, and put all of my energy into sharing it with you. I'm so passionate about what I stand for because I whole heartedly believe that if everybody on earth understood what they stood for as their uniqueness, then we'd have less depression, more innovation, and a more fulfilled world because people would have clarity in what value they bring to others.

Even though this is how I put food on my table, I want to eradicate the need for my job. This is why I will continue to put out content like this in hopes that one by one I can connect with people in different ways to help turn on the light in your mind. To create that "aha!" moment of clarity in what value you bring to the world that makes you unique. Every single person that has ever existed has a significant value to offer the world to make it better. Most just never realize what that value is unfortunately. I hope we can change that.

Here's 5 simple steps to understanding what you stand for.

1) Ask "what do I stand for?" and never ask, "what is my purpose?"

This is the most important step in my opinion and is the first one to take. In the opening chapters of my book "Stand for Something" (Click Here to be Notified of its Release) I cover in depth why I despise the idea of discovering your life purpose so much. In short, it's impossible to know what your individual unique purpose on Earth is without any reason for doubt. There is currently no absolute way to confirm that what you are doing is what you were put on Earth to do and this can cause confusion, bias, and depression believing that others know their purpose but you do not know yours. Instead, ask yourself, "what do I stand for?" Your purpose is not a choice. But what you stand for is a choice. It is up to you and has flexibility, however, what you stand for is based on your life experiences, your skills, what you enjoy, and how that all comes together and is utilized in a way that helps the world today. What you stand for can be adjusted toward what you enjoy doing, what you're knowledgable in, and what will pay the bills. It's flexible only limited by your creativity in how it is utilized and can change multiple times throughout your lifetime.

2) Know your life story from a third person perspective.

More often than not, we see our own life story from a surprisingly bias viewpoint far different from reality. We tend to suppress memories of importance without knowing, and put on a pedestal memories of less importance. We alter our memories, and our goals based on what we believe others will think without ever realizing it, which in turn suppresses our strengths, and our uniqueness. The single most important tool in our arsenal as human beings is our uniqueness which is why I take so much pride in my profession being to help people have clarity in this. Corny as it sounds, understanding that your biggest advantage in life is that you are unique and there is nobody else alive exactly like you is vital. Most of us try to fit in however, and suppress what we believe is embarrassing, weird, or that others will make fun of. More often than not, those pieces about us that we suppress are the exact pieces about us that will make us flourish and stand out among the rest. Those that make fun of what makes you unique are the same people who are scared of others finding out what makes them unique. They make fun of you for embracing your uniqueness, because they are afraid of coming to terms with theirs for fear of not fitting in. What makes you different is your single biggest strength in life. Most often this is only discovered when you have somebody that can be brutally honest with you, hear out your life story, and give feedback on it so that you can hear it for yourself. Embrace what made you YOU, and be proud of what makes you different from anybody else. Take being called weird as compliment. It means that you know something about yourself that the name callers are yet to embrace about themselves, and that gives you a significant advantage over them.

3) Let your uniqueness bring you fulfillment.

When you understand your life story, and accept what makes you unique and different from others, allow that to bring you fulfillment. Ask yourself how you can find enjoyment, happiness, fun, and fulfillment by acting on or sharing your uniqueness. Is there a way to pair it into something that you already enjoy doing? I paired my uniqueness of helping others have clarity in their story and value, with sports and philanthropy. I work mainly with athletes by helping them communicate their story and value to others better, which in turn helps athletes raise more money and awareness for their charities. It allowed me to work in sports and make the world a better place, while utilizing my biggest skill and what I stand for. Being great at something, and doing it in an environment and manner in which I enjoy, brings me fulfillment.

4) Turn your uniqueness and fulfillment into profit.

Being good at something that you enjoy is cool and all, but if you're not able to pay the bills, you'll never be able to utilize it to it's maximum potential. The next step is to now take your life story, your uniqueness, and the fulfillment it brings, and make it a profit generating machine. This is done in many ways. The most important piece though is knowing how much you need to earn to live the lifestyle that you want to live. Not everybody really needs to be a millionaire to be fulfilled. But of course some do based on the lifestyle that makes them ultimately fulfilled. Understand who you are, and what you need to earn to be fulfilled. Everybody has different variables at play such as where they live, their family, what they like doing, and so on, that change the income needed. With that, now how can others benefit from what you stand for, and what skills do you have that can be paired with what you stand for? Is it best relayed through a product, service, charity, media, company, or other route? Are you great at sports, tech, math, coaching, cleaning, communicating, reading, kids, or anything else? Would you be able to share your value working for an existing company, or will you have to start your own? Can it be a side hustle, or does it require your full time? Not everybody needs to go full time in their value they bring. Most people can make the impact they need in the world, and have the fulfillment and income they desire, by working a job that pays the bills that allows them to afford to carry out what they stand for. So understand who you are. You do not have to start a company, in fact very few people fit the criteria of needing to start a company to fulfill what they stand for. But, everybody's uniqueness can be monetized as it is of value to others whether it's full time, part time, or additional revenue.

5) Decide how what you stand for can impact the world.

If you know how you can be personally fulfilled from your uniqueness, and how it can be monetized, then by now you have a good understanding of how you can impact the world. At this point, you should have a few ideas of how you can leverage what you stand for to make the world better off for having had you in it, whether it's in a big world changing way, or just a small way among a few people. Every single person stands for something, and there is no impact better than another as every bit of positive impact in the world is just as vital. 10,000 people impacting one person a piece is just as impactful as one person impacting 10,000 people. Think about that. What you're doing may seem small to you, but combined with thousands of others the impact made wouldn't exist without you. So how can you do good with what you stand for? Can your passion for shoes and experience with kids help get shoes on orphans? Can your expertise in janitorial services and wanting to stay under the radar bring cleanliness to public spaces? Can your skills in math and enjoyment of helping people, make their lives better through financial advising? Can your skill in making food, and passion for art, be the next culinary masterpiece bringing people joy? Can your corporate gig and power as CEO with a passion for people in poverty, open doors for ending a water crisis in a third world country? Can your platform as a entertainer/athlete/celebrity/public figure be used to help bring food to the homeless, because you know what it's like to not know when your next meal is? How you can impact the world is based off of your personal life experience, what you stand for, and your position that you've put yourself in mixed with your creativity in how to use it.

BONUS) All of those 5 steps together now naturally create your life legacy and how you will be remembered. The ultimate life legacy is somebody who leveraged their talents, did it authentically, lived with fulfillment, made a good living, and impacted the world for the better.

This is just a blink into what goes behind finding clarity in what you stand for, and staging it for the best opportunity of success. These five steps however, are the steps necessary, and in this exact order, to building a life legacy that brings fulfillment, income, and impact. How this connects with people vastly varies as once again... everybody is unique, and that is what makes you a powerful force.

Written by Kyle Mauch, Founder of Athletes Brand | Personal Brand and Brand Clarity Expert

Learn more at KyleMauch.com

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