10 Ways a Pro Athlete and Entrepreneur Are the Same

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

There's plenty more similarities between athletes and entrepreneurs than this, but this is a fun place to start. What are some other similarities that you've found between sports and entrepreneurship?

1) Competition: True athletes and entrepreneurs are united by the passion and desire for competition whether it’s with themselves, or with others. Entrepreneurship carries that form of competition with competing businesses, with your own self set goals, and continuing to try to outdo yourself.

2) Failure: Athletes and entrepreneurs both understand the power of failure. How to learn from the mistakes that lead to a loss and how to use losses to improve themselves for the next fight. Failure is the most hated thing on the planet for these two types, but also the most appreciated. Without failure, they understand that the feeling of winning just wouldn’t be the same. Athletes and entrepreneurs enjoy the journey, the highs and the lows. The lows make the highs feel that much sweeter. But losing still sucks.

3) Winning: Athletes and entrepreneurs have a deep desire for winning. Whether it’s winning your next at bat, or winning a new customer. There’s plenty of awards and accolades for both athletes and entrepreneurs, but the biggest comes in the form of hard work paying off.

4) Hard Work: Athletes and entrepreneurs both share the same roadmap to success. The more you study, the harder you work, the more you try new strategies to find something that works… the more likely you will succeed. You have to hone your craft. You have to be willing to learn. You have to put in countless hours and sacrifice. But sometimes all it takes is being seen by the right scout at the right time or by the right customer or investor at the right time.

5) Teamwork: Athletes and entrepreneurs are always more powerful with a team, so learning how to thrive within a team is vital. Whether you’re an individual athlete or a solo entrepreneur, you still have to have a team of accountants, physical trainers, coaches, mentors, and more before building your own roster of teammates or employees.

6) Leadership: To be the best in sports or entrepreneurship, you have to learn to be a great leader. Leading a team of employees in business is very similar to leading a sports team. You need to find the right people that mesh well with others on the team, fill certain roles, recruit the best talent, deal with team conflict, and more.

7) Goals: Athletes and entrepreneurs would both epically fail over time without established goals. Both long term and short term from how to improve your strength in the weight room, to how to hit a new sales goal, and from when you aim to sell your company to when you aim to make it to the Major Leagues. Goals give bars to hit, and nobody knows that better than athletes and entrepreneurs.

8) Training: Athletes and entrepreneurs both heavily rely on training. Whether it’s training in the gym, studying game film, working on technique or going to school, reading books, going to seminars, practicing coding or writing etc. Training is a daily necessity for both athletes and entrepreneurs.

9) Nobodies Fault but Yours: Athletes and entrepreneurs both thrive on the idea that they are in charge of their own destiny. Your success and failures are nobodies fault but your own. You’re in the drivers seat and greatness can’t be ignored. These two types of people are willing to overcome the roadblocks and pave their own road if they need to.

10) Adversity: Athletes and entrepreneurs overcome all sorts of adversity such as bad press, injuries and slumps, lack of resources, doubters and naysayers, and more. The best learn to use this as fuel though to prove doubters wrong.

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