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You did it!


Congratulations! You made it. How does it feel to know that you not only survived but THRIVED in this course?

I am so incredibly proud of the work you’ve done during the School of Greatness Academy.

I acknowledge you for every time you got discouraged but decided to persevere; for every time you woke up and chose to be the best version of yourself; for every fellow SOGA member you reached out to and connected with; for every time you realized you weren't living your greatness and decided to shift.

Thank you for everything you've done for the community and for yourself. I believe that being the best version of yourself impacts the world around you and the pursuit of living your greatness is the pursuit of a better world. That's pretty amazing.


What’s next?

You will continue to have access to this course and the your class's FB group for life!

I would love to hear your thoughts on SOGA, and I'd love to share those thoughts with potential future members!

If you're interested in doing a testimonial for SOGA, let Aja know at aja@schoolofgreatness.com!