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World Famous "Shirt-for-a-Cause" Legacy T

A Team To Help You Massively Impact A Cause

Discover Your Cause • Design A Shirt • Reach 20 Million People About It

Raise Money For Charity

Know Your Cause

Get Help Promoting

Ready To Use Your Platform To Make A Difference In Others Lives?

  • Are you struggling to find your cause?

  • Do you not know where to start with charity work?

  • Are you worried about picking the wrong cause?

  • Do you want to do charity with your family and build a legacy?

  • Are you worried you don't have enough time for philanthropy?

  • Do you want some help finding and supporting your cause?

If You Are An Athlete, You Have An Opportunity To Change The World.

We Specialize In Athletes & Influencers

Because Because We've Been In Your Shoes.

Professional Athletes





Also, Artists, Social Media Stars, and more...

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What People Are Saying

"I Approached Athletes Brand For Their Guidance Because Of Their History Of Offering High Quality Products And Services...

I couldn't Be Happier With The Results."

Trevor Bauer

Pro Baseball Player

Jake Diekman, Baseball

The shirts are the most comfortable shirts I've ever worn in my life.

Alex Wood, Baseball

Comfortable, fit well, and they're pretty stylish.

Larry Nance Jr., Basketball

It's kind of like a true athlete feel to it because we're all bigger people you know.

Cody Asche, Baseball

As far as an everyday shirt goes, this is it. Casual, comfortable, material is super soft, and no shrinking. Always a plus.

Rob Refsnyder, Baseball

Athletes Brand makes quality clothing and products and it's a company I can stand by,

Understand Your Story

Knowing where you came from and your life experiences is half of the recipe to your legacy and the right cause.

Discover Your True Brand

You don't have to be somebody you're not to add insane value to a cause. We'll find a cause you're truly passionate about and connected to. 

Design A Shirt For Yourself

Design your new favorite shirt so fans can wear something that their favorite player actually wears.

Share It With The World!

We will put all of our resources for 2 weeks into getting the press to share your story and cause.

What Makes Athletes Brand So Different?

We've been in your shoes as athletes. But that's not what makes us different. We believe in legacy over brand. That your life experiences, passions, and personality create your unique value. Your true brand. We take a human psychology approach in everything that we do to better understand you, and help you better understand  your unique super powers and how to use them. We'll help you discover that within you, and help you implement it to craft your legacy. We truly put the athlete first 100% of the time because we've experienced what it's like to be on the other end.


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5 Reasons Why Agents Choose Athletes Brand

We work for the athlete, the athlete doesn't work for us.

  1. We Promote: We're the only company out there that focuses 14 straight days of our time and resources into promoting the athletes cause, story, and shirt. Our competitors simply help design a shirt, then it's up to the player to promote it. We aim to get the campaign in front of 20 million people to make a true difference in the world which creates long term impact on the players brand.

  2. We're Flexible: We aren't black and white with how we will work with you. Each player is different, has different needs, and we understand that. We'll adjust to the players needs as much as we can to help you help others as long as it's within reasonable means.

  3. We're Athletes: With over 1000 pro athletes as clients, we've earned our reputation because our company exists to make sure athletes are treated fairly. We respect the players time, and the players prefer to work 1 on 1 with the us directly in 99% of our campaigns. Agents trust us because the players trust us allowing agents to focus their time elsewhere knowing their clients are in good hands.

  4. Quality: Agents receive hundreds of products each year for their clients. We're told time after time from agents that we have the best quality shirts they've ever worn.

  5. Track Record: After 5 years and 50+ legacy shirt campaigns, we've proven our place in the sports apparel community. We're a small team, that cares about the player, and cares about the players cause and reputation. We hustle hard to push awareness and sales, and work hard to make the players shirt idea come to life. From A-List celebrities to college athletes, we've done it all.

What's My Investment?

How ready are you to cash in away from your athletic career? How much money are you letting get away to other brands? How often do you get pitched by people who don't understand what you need? How many opportunities to make a difference are you missing out on? Do brands understand the value that you offer them? A lack of clarity may already be costing you your biggest opportunities.

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