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An Athlete Streaming Network for Life

Beyond the Game

*Pilot made only for concept purposes.




“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” 

- Nelson Mandela


The Purpose

Athletes Brand TV comes to the market place as a necessity for athletes, and sports fans alike. Our goal is to become the primary outlet of original athlete generated content to empower the athlete with their own voice, while giving the fan a fly on the wall experience of life beyond the game.


Furthermore, the mission of Athletes Brand has always been to help athletes stand for something and impact the world for the better. There's no better way than through storytelling. Athletes Brand is the best in the world at helping athletes know what they stand for and bringing clarity to their authentic stories. Now we aim to help the athletes share those stories with the world.

The Need for An


For the Fan and Players Alike

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The Problem

  • Athletes lack trust in the media.

  • The media profits off of the athletes stories and image with the athletes never seeing a dime.

  • Athletes lack proper education on how to monetize their brands.

  • Lesser known athletes have less opportunity to share their stories and monetize their brand.

  • Athletes have the most influential platforms of any profession in the world, yet they lack proper help in communicating their social, political, and personal opinions, which creates misuse of their platforms, public disruption, and misinformation.

  • These issues mean the fan is not getting the authentic content they seek.

The Solution

  • The athlete earns profits for appearing on our shows for the lifetime of their usage and/or percentage of sale to a network. They profit off of their own image as they should.

  • We incentivize the athletes to share the shows on their social media.

  • Athletes Brand helps tell the story, film it, monetize it, and distribute it assuring that the story is told in the way that is the most authentic for the athlete.

  • Athletes Brand provides opportunities for athletes to make extra money and build their brand through online coaching, hosting shows, blogging, podcasting, e-commerce, affiliate, and more.

  • With branding and monetization as benefits for athletes, e-commerce, years of established trust built with our team, over 1000 stories of past clients to share and involve, we have an initial advantage over current established competition.

  • With more incentive for the athlete, more ways for fans to connect with the athlete, and more stories willing to be told, there is more value and entertainment for the fan.

  • Sharing these stories in easily digestible forms will help show the human side to athletes that is lost in entertainment media, while helping athletes use their platforms to influence positive impact in society.

Market Size

Estimated Number of Athletes


2 Billion people are estimated to play pro or amateur sports. 85% Unregistered. 7.5% Youth. 6% Amateurs. 1.5% Professional.

Estimated Number of Sports Fans


  1. Soccer: 3.5 Billion

  2. Cricket: 2.5 Billion

  3. Field Hockey: 2 Billion

  4. Tennis: 1 Billion

  5. Volleyball: 900 Million

  6. Table Tennis: 850 Milion

  7. Baseball: 500 Million

  8. Golf: 450 Million

  9. Basketball: 400 Million

  10. American Football: 400 Million

*Number of athletes list from ChampionsID.com, International Olympic Committee survey 2016.

** Number of sports fans list from mostpopularsports.net.

*** Note that 51% of the world has access to internet.

What to Expect

  • Documentaries

  • Reality TV

  • Review Shows

  • Educational

  • Podcasts

  • Hollywood, Music, & Sports Crossovers

  • News

  • Comedy

  • Food, Home and Garden, Auto, etc

  • Gaming

All entertainment is athlete and sports fan oriented but is not limited to athletes and sports fans as viewers.

Make this a Streaming tv show around a campfire. Produce podcasts like this for athletes.

Top 5 Episodes

Content Examples Made with No Financial Investment

Paul Konerko & Kyle Park
Ashton Eaton & Lewis Howes
Josh Rosen & Michael Morelli
Travis Boersma & Lee Cockerell
AJ Vaynerchuk & Trevor Bauer

Pilot Episode: Ep. 001

Featuring NFL players, Ifeanyi Momah and John Wetzel. Hosted by Kyle Mauch, first time ever hosting a show, and breakfast burrito aficionado. Concept is a mix between MTV cribs, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and Buzzfeed's Worth It. We pickup athletes/celebs, at their homes giving a brief view of where they live at the time, and have non-sports conversation to and from their favorite breakfast burrito or breakfast taco spots to get to know them, eventually rating the burritos. We will have an app that shows all places we've reviewed with their ratings. Future episodes will have unexpected stops on the way home, and on the way to the burrito spot, as well as quick home tours, and taking out the athletes cars. Episodes are made for streaming online in 5 to 15 minutes.



Kyle Mauch

Founder / Creative  Director

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A leading expert in brand clarity and brand storytelling. Founder of AthletesBrand.com, Success at Success Podcast, CampfireSummit.com. 2x Sports Launch 30 Under Thirty recipient. Has worked with over 1500 pro athletes and celebrities as branding and coaching clients. Arizona’s Top Apparel Designer 2018. Former baseball player.

Thomas Duran


Phoenix, Arizona based creative director. Filmed; Hey! Lets Get Breakfast Burritos, Pilot Episode.

Danny Jordan

Production & Sponsorships

Has produced and directed over 100 hours of primetime major network and cable TV programming including Deal or No Deal, Storage Wars, and The Biggest Loser.


Tye Gonser

Santa Monica based attorney representing high profile clients in entertainment and business.

Larry Nance Jr.

NBA Player and Investor.

And more we have not listed...

Adam Richman

TV Actor, TV Host, and Author.

Trevor Mauch

Founder and CEO of Carrot.com. SEO and lead generation expert.

Chris Browning

Hollywood Actor.


The Need

Through our network, we have access to nearly every athlete in the USA after years of helping them raise money for charity and helping with their branding. We want to better tell their stories, and let people in on who athletes truly are beyond the game, while also joining the worlds of music, sports, and Hollywood. To do this, we found audio and visual to be the most impactful way to help athletes impact the world. Athletes are the most influential profession in the world as they can connect with our youth in a relatable way that no other profession can at a mass. We believe this network will help change the world for the better, and give athletes a platform to be empowered, have more control over their own story and brand while giving the truest form of content to their fans straight from the athlete's mouth.


We have an all star team and group of advisors, a monetization plan that works unlike any other ever done in Hollywood (we can discuss this with an NDA if you are interested in investing), endless access to pro athletes that other networks seek (Kyle has been recruited by multiple Hollywood studios in the past year for his storytelling abilities and access to talent), but we currently lack the initial funding to be able to travel and capture this content to get the first few seasons filmed and edited in the manner that they should.


Because of this need, we're willing to give big-budget sponsorship placements in exchange for sponsors that will simply cover our travel costs and expenses. We're also very open to investors as well. Our drive behind this network is to share stories that change the world, while giving athletes a voice with a platform they can trust.


Our need for sponsors is to cover costs of flights, hotels, and food so that we can go out and capture this content, and invest our own talents and resources into the expensive part of the production.


An investor, however, would allow us to make this our full-time focus, and build out the full model.



Please reach out to Kyle Mauch at Kyle@AthletesBrand.com or use the contact form below.



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